who am i?

Hi I'm Kai!

I am a freelance illustrator and game artist in Stockholm Sweden creating stylized and expressive illustrations, designs and game graphics.

I have a background and education in making art for games and currently work as a freelance illustrator creating art for all kinds of different media. My previous work include map and logo design for a TTRPG book, podcast cover illustrations, character and creature designs and working as a 2D generalist artist for the game Ultros.​

As a generalist can adapt to a lot of different styles and projects but I always create art with a lot of appeal and a great attention to detail. I have experience and skills in other creative fields like animation, comics and 3D modelling.

I'm a fantasy enthusiast and love to play tabletop role-playing games in my spare time. I also enjoy sewing and spending time with my cat Pensel.

I am open to work on new projects, so don't hesitate to send me an email!