ULTROS - Hadoque (El Huervo AB)

2D Generalist, Prop artist, UI Artist, Icons, Animation Assistance, Marketing

I worked on Ultros along with our small and dedicated team as one of our 2D Generalist Artists. My role during development was mainly to create props, icons and UI elements in the game's distinct style created by our lead artist El Huervo. I also assisted with creating VFX, Fonts and animation when needed. I worked a lot inside of Unity engine implementing art, UI and doing set dressing.

I was also the Marketing Artist for Ultros creating many graphical assets for trailers and other promotional purposes such as Steam badges and designing and creating the print files the cover for the Ultros Official Soundtrack Vinyls.


Characters and UI layput for a Match 3 mobile game concept. It is a charming and colorful summer themed match 3 game where you use strategy to combine your "jelly cats" with different flavours to get a higher score.

Angry Birds Legends - Rovio

2D Generalist Mobile Games

Mobile game development internship creating Concept Art, Props, VFX and Environments for Angry Birds Legends. Worked closely with a small team in Stockholm both in-office and remotely.